Finch ★★★★

When I heard that synopsis, I was all in… even though I was aware that it would make me cry like a freaking baby… 

And I did. Like a lot. 

I loved this sweet film. It’s really not reinventing the wheel or doing anything really exciting, but it’s unbelievably endearing. I loved its big beautiful heart. I loved the dog. I watched this with my dog and she came over to me while I was crying at one point and it made me cry even more. I loved the robot. I like fun robots, not like the real life ones that are either weird or like horrifying. I loved Tom Hanks, who continues to be unbelievably charismatic and have incredible amounts of screen chemistry with things that are not human. I loved Caleb Landry Jones in this. It’s hard to judge a motion capture performance, but it really feels like there’s a performance behind the CGI in this film, even if it’s being aided by puppeteers and visual effects artists. Sort of on that topic but also a little off topic, sometimes when I’m watching newer films like this, I’ll literally start crying just because I’m amazed by visual effects. They’re just so good at this point and I really don’t know if they can get any better. It’s so cool. I consider it to be movie magic when I can look at a film and see a visual effect feel tangible or have a funny robot make me cry. There was just a closeup shot of the robot in this film and I just started crying because it was just there. I grew up loving movies and fun robots and stuff, and I don’t know… maybe I should be more critical and stuff, but I just love movies and I hope that people keep making them.

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