Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

“Who gives a f**k about movies?!” - Ghostface 

It’s funny how well Scream VI compliments my earlier viewing today, 65. In that review I said I could forgive implausibility if the film is good, and drilling down on that, if it makes me feel something. Where 65 fails, Scream VI succeeds. With a truly brazen killer, thrilling set pieces and characters I can get behind I can forgive the eventual silly reveal that is typical of the Scream franchise. 

Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett go for the no holds barred Ghostface. This rendition of the horror icon does not give a hoot. We’ve got convenience store stabbings, subway stabbings; there’s nowhere Ghostface won’t go. Add in the viciousness of the attacks, amped up gore and the excellent sound mixing and you’ve got a killer villain.

Scream VI is so much more adrenaline pumping than its predecessor Scream (V), all I can think is the creative team were warming up on that one because this actually had me on the edge of my seat. The alleyway ladder sequence had my adrenaline pumping between the intensity of the predicament and the impactful camera work. I have a healthy fear of heights (and serial killers) so these two things combined is something I’d never survive. 

I read some critiques of Sam (Melissa Barrera) recently but I happen to like her. I agree the Billy Loomis subplot is kind of silly but I relate to Sam a lot more than many final girls; she doesn’t play victim and she’s more than willing to stab a serial killer 22 times! I’m in your corner girl! 

Also is it just me or is Ghostface sorta bad at the job? Despite all the brutal attacks the survival rate seems a little high. A for effort though. 

Loved the Letterboxd name drop, I feel seen. 

Edit: Went up a half star on this, not enough kills and a silly reveal but very tense which a horror film should be. 

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