2046 ★★★★½

It's awfully hard to even know what to say about this film. It's magificent in nearly every way. It's beautiful to look at, the characters are bright and interesting, the camera work is phenomenal, and the acting is batshit brilliant.

Being Wong Kar-Wai's only foray into science fiction, you have to reshape your mindset. To say that this is a sequal to the subtle and brilliant and tragic In the Mood for Love (it is), is not enough. To note that it winds in, skillfully, elements of lost threads from Days of Being Wild is just to begin glancing at this amazing story.

It has the feel of being clotted together with a tender touch, but still placed together in ways that are fantastic to watch, but don't make much sense. Are we watching a story written by a man who's telling the story of what happened when he wrote the story? Sort of. Are we taking Wong Kar Wai's themes and transporting them forward in time and backward and sometimes rewriting portions as we go along? You be your ass we are. Or rather, he is.

2046 is a totally singular film experience. It's one I can see people either loving or hating, but I don't see a lot of middle ground to be had on it. For my part, I loved every minute of the journey.

How many masterpieces can one man make? Clearly, Wong Kar-Wai intends to find out.