Us ★★★½

I’ve seen Get Out a countless number of times and I always end up loving it more and more after every watch. Now you can imagine the excitement that pulsated through me on a daily basis prior to seeing this. I watched every interview, trailer discussion/reaction, movie review, etc. This was easily my most anticipated movie of the year. 

Side Note: Due to the fact that I'm sending this review to friends that have yet to watch this film, I'm going to keep it 100% Spoiler-Free.

I'll start by saying the score by Michael Abels is my favorite part of this entire movie. It does a ton of the heavy lifting throughout and it really stood out to me in that aspect. Not to mention I've been listening to it almost every day since it first dropped on listening platforms.

To sum up the positives, I'll say this much: This film is nearly flawless from a technical standpoint and the acting is phenomenal throughout.

My issues arose about halfway into the movie when I began to feel that the story wasn’t exactly going the way I had expected it might. The pacing felt off, for one, but it was more than that. I still can't entirely describe what it was about the plot that felt underwhelming, but when I left the theater I was...well...unsure. Not necessarily disappointed.

Perhaps I was expecting a much darker story. Unfortunately, the horror fell relatively flat as a whole. The comedy, however, tended to land more often than not. Even then, by the last ten minutes, I was hoping that the ending might floor me and leave me no other choice but to love this movie. I needed a Shyamalan-esque twist times 1000. Instead, I got a fairly predictable ending that has already been done plenty of times before in other films (and done better). Maybe my highest expectations simply got the best of me on first watch. After all, I went into Get Out without any knowledge of the plot whatsoever and happened to be utterly blown away by it because of that. 

On a separate note, this is by no means a simple, straightforward horror movie. The themes are there if you pay attention. There’s so much to dive into and interpret for ourselves. That’s one of Peele’s many great qualities. He makes movies that are meant to be watched multiple times and can be picked apart a million different ways. It’s nice to be living in a time where filmmakers like him exist.

It might be a case where I end up liking it more on my second or third watch now that I know what to expect. At the very least, this is an enjoyable movie that has its moments, but ultimately failed to live up to my expectations.

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