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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man

    Whilst I cannot claim to have been as elated as my girlfriend was after seeing The Invisible Man, I was struck by this. The trailer for The Invisible Man was awful - truly awful. I stay away from trailers, but you cannot help but see them when visiting the cinema. The trailer for this made me laugh when I first saw it; I in no way wanted to see this. But, I did, and this is a very good film…

  • Bacurau


    I happened upon Bacurau, not knowing that it one of the more popularly acclaimed foreign films of last year. The film starts out slow, but eventually caught me by surprise. The script infuses gory revenge sensibilities into what initially feels somewhat like a Third Cinema film - such as Blood of the Condor. There are elements of Bacurau where restraint could possibly have been exercised. I talk here of the way in which the caricature 'bad guys' are constructed. The…

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  • Brother


    Brother is one of the most popular contemporary, Post-Soviet Russian films. It is a low-budget, skeletal film that uses resourcelessness and simplicity to its advantage by taking the crime-thriller/gangster film and stripping the story down to wanderings into violence. There is a sense of realism embedded into the film by the DIY aesthetic (this is quite iconic for the costumes; most of which were bought on flea-markets or were simply owned by the actors). And both the fleeting genre-isms and…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite

    Lanthimos' cinema has now moved into the fringes of the mainstream whilst retaining some of its edge. But, where Lanthimos' cinema evolved between Kinetta and The Killing of a Sacred Dear - each film a new formal investigation of isolation in an uncannily brutal world - it takes a step to the side and backwards with The Favourite in my view.

    The themes here are too available and the characters too transparent. In no way does this make for a…