Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

My first entry into the mind of David Lynch (except for having watched The Elephant Man in school way back when) didn't go so well.

I thought the premise sounded outlandish, but also kind of fun. A bitter mother sends hitmen out to get her daughter's boyfriend, while the hitmen are unaware of each other's involvement and also want each other dead. It sounded like a Lynchian take on Scott Pilgrim.

I didn't have much fun with it though. I get that with such an over-the-top-synopsis, you'll get some over-the-top-performances - but Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe and Diane Ladd are overplaying their characters to the point of true agony. Laura Dern overplays to an extent, but more inside an acceptable realm I felt. Scenes are happening with no real purpose, like the Dafoe sexual intimidation scene - it felt like it was just there to shock.

I didn't really buy into the relationship between Dern and Cage either, so I never really cared about what was happening. The soundtrack was good, and I kinda liked when Nicolas Cage broke into song.

Watched as part of Film Club (week #6) .

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