Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★

This is a very cute and eye-pleasing animated movie about human connection, which on the face of it is right up my alley. Now, for some reason anime has never appealed to me much, save from growing up with the Pokémon-series on TV. It's a genre I want to get more into though (or at least get some more basis for whether I like it or not), so I did try to go in with an open mind.

Visually it looks very good, though maybe even too good. What I mean by that is that everything has this insanely polished look that it felt otherworldy at times. The plot is sort of a science fiction, romantic Freaky Friday - where characters swap places and lives - and it's done in a very cute and unique (to my knowledge) way - with them both doing their best to experience but also maybe improve each other's lives.

On top of that, though, we're introduced to this apocalyptic science fiction theme, which is high concept and visually interesting at times, but actually just ended up keeping the characters at a distance for me. I didn't really connect or feel for them at the parts where I should. I felt the emotional strokes of the film pass me by, so to speak. Still, I had an okay time watching this and I'm glad to be forced outside my comfort zone once in a while.

Also, I kept listening to the soundtrack for an hour after the movie ended despite not understanding the lyrics, so that's something!

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