Persona ★★★★★

Look in the mirror long enough and you may see someone you don't recognize. 

Describing this gargantuan, game-changing masterpiece is like picking up the pieces of a broken mirror. Ingmar Bergman's highly experimental 1966 odyssey is so profoundly layered and executed that I could spend days on a review, days picking up pieces of the mirror when I'd rather be too caught up in its reflection. 

From one of the most surrealistically terrifying intro scenes to one of the most shocking endings I've seen, Persona knows how good it is; and often breaks the fourth wall for viewers. Bergman's confidence as an auteur is even intimidating, to say the least. I only have admiration for this daring, beautiful, timeless piece of art. This needs to be studied and appreciated for the rest of our human existence.

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