Vox Lux ★★★★½

““one for the money, two for the show”

A visceral, dazzling foray into the ruptured psyche of a woman whose past, present, and future tell the story of our 21st century. Some have called this a sprawling mess, but it seems that every little detail has been meticulously put in place by Corbet and the cast & crew. As much as I loved the entire film, I cannot stress enough how absolutely incredible the first part is. Everything Corbet lacked (to me) in The Childhood of A Leader is on display, from aggressive emotion to genuine empathy and insight. Corbet stated at the q&a after the screening that transcendentalism was what he was going for in the final sequence, and I’d say that he was more than successful. Sure, everyone gives amazing performances; but Raffey Cassidy is an absolute revelation.

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