Captain Marvel ★★½

the cat had more personality than Brie Larson 🤧

lmao idk why I never shared more of my thoughts on this garbage but yeah anyways this movie is soooo overrated. some people are trying to convince themselves this is a good movie because they’re so far up Marvel and Brie Larson’s asshole and I just think that’s wild lol. I WISH this movie had good characters, I WISH it had good acting, I WISH it had character development (like most decent superhero movies), I WISH it had an interesting story, and I JUST WISH I could watch it without my eyes rolling to the back of my head, but I know nothing can change how I feel about this movie or how other people feel about this movie so I’ll just leave with this video of Brie Lardson being sensitive and not knowing how to take a jokeksks

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