Tenet ★★★★

The day has arrived Christopher Nolan has released his new film and what did I think about it?

Firstly I need to comment about me not being a crazy Nolan fanboy but always respecting him for the big spectacle blockbuster that doesn’t have to be related to superheroes genre or some overly popular franchise. 
I loved the cast, especially Robert Pattinson, my favorite actor in Hollywood at the moment. Johan David Washington proves again after his last acting effort in BlacKkKlansman that he has his dads rage and trustworthy emotional acting skills. Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh also gave strong performances. Editing went from mediocre and got better with time. Cinematography was hell of a job to pull off for Hoyte; he has probably lost his last hair on his head. 

If you think that Memento, Prestige, Inception or Interstellar we’re complicated, then my friends, you haven’t seen Tenet yet.

Nolan showed that he could create something that many directors wouldn’t even risk and fear to make. Budget of 200 million dollars on an almost experiment isn’t always possible to witness in our days. Well I guess I have to be honest and say that it’s a lot of explaining for what’s coming next but not so much about the characters themselves. I feared that after seeing Dunkirk but I like to see films with a scale of earth itself. 

Nolan’s riskiest film in my eyes succeeded to bring me joy of watching at least one blockbuster/film in cinema this year.

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