I've been watching old movies since I was 13.
I'm a sucker for Western (40s and 50s).
My favorite director is John Ford.

Favorite films

  • The Searchers
  • They Were Expendable
  • Notorious
  • The Philadelphia Story

Recent activity

  • The Blue Angel


  • The Black Watch


  • Ninotchka


  • Woman in the Moon


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  • Johnny Guitar

    Johnny Guitar


    I would like to emphasize how in the best piano scene ever (min 1:15) Crawford interrupts the piano's ballad to answer the sheriff's questions, and then starts again with the second verse (... and I'm close ...) adapting her speech to the music! She does not sing, but her words are perfectly intertwined with the motif. Goose bumps.
    Emma exclaims "No!" and the room is invaded as if by a surreal atmosphere that oppresses Vienna intent on pretending to be…

  • The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep


    I've been watching it continuously these days. It rises from 4 stars to 5. Amazing!

    "The Big Sleep" is known for its plot bordering on incomprehension with key figures that do not even appear (Regan, Taylor), narrative ellipses, turns of event that happen without realizing. Each new crime always corresponds to a new "why".
    Is famous the telegram from the set bound to Chandler, the author of the Novel, to ask explanations about the chauffeur TAYLOR (was he killed or…

Recent reviews

  • The Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel


    Lola Lola -Dietrich- is the extremization of the twisted female world, she is the woman that no man would want to have. Ambiguous and enigmatic, she goes from moments of sweetness to moments of cruelty, until the worst attitude of all in a relationship: Indifference (the similarity with Shangay Lady comes immediate).
    When she loves, and even when she cheats, doesn't seem to do it on purpose but simply because it happened. Similarly, she is not disturbed by any event…

  • The Black Watch

    The Black Watch


    The advent of sound for John Ford is not a trivial matter. He can finally show off what will be his trademark: military parades, hymns and songs.
    We go from Scotland to India through the different cultural celebrations: from a bagpipe parade in a train station to an invocation to Allah in a village square.

    There is another typically Fordian point: duty endangered by love.
    McLaglen accepts the mission to India for military duty (he would have preferred to participate…

Popular reviews

  • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp



    Through a dip in the Turkish bath, the british soldier Clive immerses himself -literally- in his memories of 40 years of life under the banner of gallantry, at war (his romantic belief that war is won by the righteous) as well as in friendship (whereby he renounces the love of his life).

    Frankly, I've watched it a couple of times these days and I think it's among the greatest movies ever made.
    It's extraordinarily strange in the approach…