I'm a 27 year old Portuguese girl with a Multimedia and Audiovisual degree who loves movies, tv shows and music way too much.

Favorite films

  • mother!
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Split
  • The Invisible Man

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  • Knock at the Cabin

  • Sick


  • Terrifier 2


  • Gatlopp: Hell of a Game


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  • Sick



    Okay... This was something...

    Actually, it captured pretty well the essence of a slasher mixed with a bit of home invasion, which I love!

    The ending, although surprising, is borderline funny which, honestly, fits with the theme and the genre. One day someone had to do something like this, right?!

    I would say this is like The Strangers mixed with Bodies Bodies Bodies in a way... It's not a Murder Mystery like Bodies, but they have a similar tone.


  • Terrifier 2

    Terrifier 2


    It’s way too long. That’s my first take away from the film. Second, I don’t get why people allegedly fainted and threw up… I mean, yes it’s super gory, but most of it is way too much therefore unbelievable.

    Apart from those things, it’s a fun watch. The only reason why I won’t rewatch it (at least not often) is cause it’s super long - unnecessarily long. I don’t think there’s scenes that should be cut, but I think most…

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  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


    I don’t even know what to say.
    I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more scary than what it really was, but it has some creepy and disturbing moments, although, the thing that it has the most is jump scares. Not that many tho, but a few.
    The cinematography is beautiful and I love the feel of the movie - being set on Halloween and all the colour grading! 
    The story itself is what you can expect and the kid actors aren’t amazing, but they do a pretty decent job.
    It was enjoyable.

  • Joker



    I can’t believe this movie is PG-13 here in Portugal like what?!

    I felt it. I truly felt every single emotion the movie wanted me to feel and yeah... It’s sad so sad. Did i feel sorry for Arthur?!  Of course, but I knew I would and I would sympathise with him - I’m just a sucker for villains and I knew his back story would make me soft for him. Does that make what he does right?! Absolutely no, but…