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  • Little Miss Sunshine
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  • The Discarnates


  • The Third Man


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  • The Discarnates

    The Discarnates


    I'm watching this as I finished the book recently and saw Obayashi directed it, which took me aback as it's not a story I could imagine him adapting. And it's like super lovely and loyal to the book's tone and atmosphere while doing a lot of interesting stuff with the lighting and the score is great and the acting is impeccable

    Then I get to the ending and-while it doesn't *ENTIRELY* change anything-it dawned on me "Oh right THAT'S Obayashi I remember directing this"

    And it makes it even more fucking awesome I'd ALMOST recommend reading the book first but tbh it works either way

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    Underrated way Welles dominates this film is that I'm pretty sure the collective total of screentime he has doesn't even clock in at 15 minutes and most of it is taken up by the Ferris Wheel scene

    Also ACAB but Calloway is just one of cinema's great cops. So wonderfully drole and the only character who lives on planet Earth in this thing

    Who'd've thought one of the greatest soundtracks ever composed was done so on the fucking zither ?!

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  • Redemption of a Rogue

    Redemption of a Rogue


    We've collectively raised a generation of Irish filmmakers who all seemed to think "You know what? I could make a Coen Brothers movie in the Sticks! It'd be mad" and we should all as a nation make amends for this

  • Society



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Intellectual brain: This movie is an excellent deconstruction of class roles and how social norms and manipulating and exploiting the working class makes said roles impossible to dissipate even from the inside lest you be cast out as "one of them" and truly brutalised by a system bred to protect those born into privelege you can seldom imagine