Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

Has any "highest grossing X of all time" ever been as worth the hype as Your Name.? Absolutely stunning, this is what happens when you stack a team with as much talent as possible. Best lighting I've ever seen in a film, hands fuckin' down, Praise the Sun. You can legitimately pause at any point in this movie and find a 10/10 desktop background, there is so much thoughtful detail in every last frame. The polarizing slice-of-life subgenre finally has its Akira, its Spirited Away.

And talk about replay value. My first watch took about 3 hours because I kept pausing and rewinding to look at everything, awesome experience. I watched it again a few hours later with friends, this time without pausing, and the pacing was just killer. I knew it was a 5/5 about 30 minutes in, and then shit gets real.

The body-swap hijinks are as hilariously awkward as I had hoped for. Watching the reactions to Taki's sudden feminine charm is adorable, and ponytail Mitsuha is POWERFUL. The ending is predictable, but there's absolutely no lack of surprise up until then, and the inevitable payoff feels totally appropriate.

I have to see this in a theater at some point, this is some elite-level animation that needs to be experienced in every possible which way. Even if you feel like the story is just okay, the visuals and the music will invalidate those feelings like they're nothing. Awesome, possible movie of the decade for me, just awesome.

Your Name. really does make lesser melodramatic anime films look straightup scuffed. Far as I'm concerned, there's Your Name., and then there's everything else. Hopefully some of CoMix Wave's other work will live up to at least a few of the impossible standards set here, but I wouldn't begrudge them if this was their all-around magnum opus.

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