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  • Chairman of the Board

    Chairman of the Board


    Look, this is not GOOD but it’s a fascinating time capsule of a certain kind of 90’s dumb comedy, because it has EVERY cliche of those kinds of movies in the SAME movie. To wit:

    * Briefly popular stand-up as lead, playing an annoying man-child. 
    * Man-child is down-and-out, in bad financial straits, but he has a DREAM. 
    * Benevolent wealthy man played by respected older character actor slumming it (here played by Jack Warden). 
    * Wealthy man bequeaths his…

  • Extraction



    I’m always up for a simply-plotted action film where some genuine thought has been put into the fight choreography and a charismatic actor. 

    However this one hamstrings Hemsworth’s natural charisma by allowing him almost no sense of humor, it feels awfully weird to see a white dude rampaging around India killing countless locals (I realize the kid is blameless in his father’s drug empire, but how many people is it okay for our “hero” to murder to save him? Surely those goons ha e families too), and the long camera takes whizz past “impressive” into “distracting showboating.”

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  • Nurse 3-D

    Nurse 3-D


    Cons: utterly absurd lurid trash.

    Pros: utterly absurd lurid trash

  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl


    Watched for The Flop House. Garbage.