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This review may contain spoilers.

it was so good! It was so funny mostly during the scenes where Taika played Hitler, but it was super funny in other scenes too! it also had great heart and I really felt genuine emotion when the mom died*, when sam rockwell died, and watching jojo bond with Elsa and Yorkie! that being said, I wish I had seen more Yorkie! he was so adorable and the movie didnt use him enough

*for so much of the movie I was like why are we focusing on the mother’s shoes so much! There’s like 2-3 long shots of them and i’m like what was this directed by Tarantino? But then OH NO..... I audibly said “no” way too loud in the theater

there were a couple weird things, like there was a lot of exposition and info dump (that could’ve been more naturally laid into the dialogue) about jojo’s father that didnt pay off, so that was strange they mentioned it. and they explain way too much about that but nothing about why the mother died and how they lived in the house for seemingly months after she did? like do they not have a mortgage or rent?

I get that it’s a comedy and the style is from the absurd imagination of this kid but sometimes outside of the Taika Hitler scenes, when jojo was interacting with real people, I wasn’t sure what was absurdism and what was the film actually trying to tell me what really happened (in the context of this absurd movie.) Like it’s a dark comedy so you really have to be careful about establishing what’s a dark reality and what’s an absurd exaggeration due to this kid’s imagination

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