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Although not his most exciting or original work to date, Steven Soderbergh's post lock-down, semi satirical, cyber thriller 'Kimi'. Still manages to be entertaining and engaging enough for it's short 89 minute runtime. Showcasing some of the Director's signature styled camera work, great sound design, a rockin' soundtrack, and a fully committed and claustrophobic performance from Zoe Kravitz as Angela Childs throughout.

Angela works for an up and coming tech company implementing a intuitive device much like Amazon's Alexa called Kimi. Her job is to moderate and fix voice command errors given to the the device to provide a more "streamlined" experience. But there is a catch... Due to a traumatizing experience from her past and the aftermath of the on going Covid-19 pandemic. Angela now suffers from an extreme case of Agoraphobia (the inability to leave her residence due to intense anxiety). However, once she discovers a disturbing recording during one of her routine shifts. Angela is forced to do the unthinkable to do what's right. Actually...leave...her apartment.

What Soderbergh manages to juggle/accomplish in such a short runtime is fairly impressive here. Taking on weighty themes/issues of internet privacy, pre-mentioned Agoraphobia and trauma, morality, and grand conspiracy. Which although impressive, possibly could of benefited more from a slightly longer runtime. Further fleshing out and exploring some of these heavy themes just a bit more. Minus the desire to have things fleshed out a bit more, I admittedly did find myself with much to be desired in the writing department at times. It's not horrible, just not quite up to the standards I've grown used to with some of Soderbergh's previous works.

In closing, this is still a decent Soderbergh film at the end of the day, if not a slightly underwhelming one in comparison. Zoe Kravitz was captivating and nearly carries the film entirely on her shoulders here in my opinion. If you are at all the least bit curious about this one, rest assured that at the very least, the lead performance should not disappoint. And I don't know about you, but I personally can not waittttt to see her take on Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves upcoming and highly anticipated, 'The Batman' releasing early this upcoming March!

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