The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

"There's a lot of no good sons of bitches out there."

A masterpiece of film making that beats you down, picks you right back up and strikes you down once more. "The Devil All The Time" is a dark, depressing, religion infused decent into despair. With only but a shimmer of light in it's wake. Centered around a small Ohio town named Knockemstiff, this mystery/drama follows the Russell family, and those around them. The film takes place between World War 2 and Vietnam, touching heavily on themes of blind faith and coping with the sins of our fathers.

Shot in stunning 35mm film, The Devil All The Time is a rarity compared to most Netflix Originals, and is a true feast for the eyes. The cinematography as a whole is wonderfully crafted, with gorgeous landscapes, fantastic lighting, and close up shots perfectly capturing the fantastic casts expressions/emotions. Mostly shot in small town settings and the surrounding woods that come along with them.

Speaking of the cast, The Devil All The Time delivers fantastic performances all around, with a handful of definite standouts. A career best for Tom Holland as Arvin Russell, nearly unrecognizable embodying a man with an troubled past, searching for his vision of righteousness. Bill Skarsgard is magnetic and brutal, playing the troubled ex World War 2 veteran father Willard Russell. Robert Pattinson is sinister, yet charismatic as the very much unholy pastor Preston Teagardin.

I believe there is something here for every film lover to appreciate and enjoy. Whether its the dark, brooding, yet carefully crafted screenplay, the incredible acting performances throughout, or simply the superb production. Not only is this (in my opinion) Netflix's greatest film to date, it's also one of the best films of the year.

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