Satantango ★★★★★

Well, it's that time again! My annual viewing of Satantango is here ...

Satantango is quite possibly the greatest film ever made. The film is a religious experience; an odyssey into a world bereft of beauty. Satantango is a film to be seen, witnessed, and felt! It revolves around the lives of villagers in a small-town, as they’re faced with greed, deception, betrayal, and loss. Tarr's cinematography here exceeds anything else ever captured on celluloid -- few movies are able to match Satantango for its extraordinarily ravishing photography and majestic cinematography. The camera moves slowly in glorious long tracking shots; slowly circling around locations and characters. Needless to say, it's a wonderful film just as it is a wonderful experience. The first four hours are mystical, energetic, seemingly a never-ending upsurge of anticipation and suspense … slowly flowing into a carefully planned third act where everything falls into place. Irimias is one of the best and most mysterious characters in cinema; he is the satanic genius, the man behind the arras, and his ghostly presence hovering over the mundane chores of the villagers and everything they do ... and don't do.

Satantango is a cinematic piece for people who want to experience a film created with sheer beauty, full of detail, patience, and breathtaking visual strength -- every frame and every additional camera angle is necessary to enhance this unique experience. Satantango reached a realm of cinema that few films reach, from its absorbing, anomalous structure, to its nihilistic, brooding, and dark portrayal of the human nature, to its lyrical, entrancing portrait of lonely desolation, to its false, but exquisitely authentic sense of hope, to its ambiguous yet uncompromising climax. It leaves the audience to sit in darkness, to think about what they have just seen. I have now seen Satantango 3 times, and each time it seems to affect me more and more. This is cinema at its absolute finest and most beautiful.

Until next year, the bells will ring on! There is no light, there is only rain and a consuming darkness, and in the distance, the sound of bells...

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