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  • Falling



    The Director debut of Viggo Mortensen.

    I watched this today and after the movie there was a Q&A with Viggo Mortensen and he seems like a cool guy with a great taste in movies. Through the movie you can also see what has inspired him and it is a beautiful looking movie, but unfortunately it makes some mistakes on the way.

    The subject is very brave and ambitious for a first time director, but the build up don't work. The…

  • Career Girls

    Career Girls


    Mike Leigh movies is a strange thing!

    This is now the sixth movie directed by him that i have watched and my fascination still grows, although this is not one of his best, it still got me in the end.

    This is (like every other Leigh move) a character study! With great acting!

    Especialy Ricky!

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  • RED



    This movie is just pure entertainment!

    I cant say how many times i have watched this, it has many times been my movie in the background. But today i once again gave it my full attention.

    Its so funny, lovable and just the right level of ridiculous.

    Action version of Grumpy old men

  • The Guns of Navarone

    The Guns of Navarone


    A great good old fashion war movie, with an amazing group of leading actors.

    If i achive 20 % of the masculinity of Gregory Peck or Anthony Quinn, i will be way above average today!