The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★½

Wow, what a complete waste of time!! 

As I see it, the moral of this is just: life is not worth living! 

This could and sometimes tries to be Lord of the Rings + Pans Labyrinth, just without the Charm, the magic, the good story, the chemistry, the importance or the motivation!

I hated the main character in this so much, so stupid, unlikeable and undeserving off our time! I just wanted him to die!!! This movie should’ve had the green knight, as the title suggest, as the lead! That would have been an awesome movie! 

If this was just only the music and cinematography, it could have been a good movie, but everything else I HATED!! Somebody re-edit this into a silent movie!

I had to really fight throughout the movie, to not fall asleep.

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