I unironically LOVE the 2008 Jason Statham film “Death Race.” Just had to get that off my chest.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Watching this movie is like recalling a vivid dream or memory - which I think was precisely Luca Guadagnino's intention in making it. When you fall in love, your senses are heightened, everything seems bright and lush, and your emotions run rampant causing you to act erratically and sometimes completely out of character. Every moment spent with the other person seems monumental and invigorating, which only makes the times when you're apart feel like eternity.

    The fact that these two…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Wow...just wow. Based on all the hype, I expected to enjoy this movie, but I didn't expect to be BLOWN AWAY. Even though I haven't particularly enjoyed Leigh Whannel as a writer or director before ("Upgrade" had a lot of potential but ultimately didn't cut it for me) it gives me great pleasure to say that holy FUCK did he ever win me over with "The Invisible Man"! I think the best compliment I could give this film is that…

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Just an absolute blast from start to finish. A true ensemble piece where every single actor fires on all cylinders. It has all the frills of an Agatha Christie novel with all the thrills of an INTENSE game of Clue (and boy do I friggen LOVE Clue!). Rian Johnson’s passion project somehow defies the typical passion project stigma by being truly mainstream and crowd-pleasing in every sense of the term. You can tell that EVERYONE who worked on this film,…

  • Tenet



    Hard to give an objective review since I'm such a Nolan fanboy that I'm convinced every movie he's made was made specifically for me. I always support Nolan. That dude's got my number. And this is probably the most Nolan movie Christopher Nolan has ever Nolan-ed. This is both this film's biggest strength and its Achilles' heel - I'm simply blown away by the pure spectacle of it all, and Nolan's commitment to show-stopping set pieces and practical effects is…