Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

You Dropped a Baum On Me, Baby...

Frances Ha, I believe in you! You are a real person with lived-in experiences, fumbling to find your footing. Don't worry, you have charisma and charm. You prove to me it's not who you know, it's what you know and how you handle yourself.

You are going places, and I enjoyed following you via interspersed address title cards. I was with you in the woods on a nature hike. I was with you on a 2 day trip to Paris on borrowed credit you recently received in the mail. But, you are smart, knowing that will get you into debt because you've "seen documentaries." When your cigarette light went out, the Eiffel Tower's own flashed by you. You're OK, kid.

I can't quite figure out your friends. Sometimes I can't quite figure out my own. I can relate to this time of navigating the mid-to-late 20s, when masks start to show their underlining, when things are starting to cement into change. The ebb and flow of friend and faith currency can be very shifty and challenging.

I can understand playing second fiddle to the constant checking and updating of the iThings in others' lives, across the table or on a brief subway ride. I love that your "computer doesn't have that," when a friend says the two of you should video chat. Mine doesn't have that either! My brain also doesn't have the social function to know how to respond to others my age discussing baby weight percentiles, high-end career projections and vacation getaways abroad. When they pass around iThings with photos of all of this, you are thrilled when a call comes through so you can quickly pass the phone back. I'm like this too. I don't wish to discuss a past moment locked inside an object, let's unlock life outside of the present's objective.

Sophie, your best friend, is incredibly okay (at least to me), but you do find something to identify and confide in her from across a room... a bit of that search for "the other world" and love you desperately seek in relationship. You will find what you're looking for. Just run gleefully down the street to find your "Modern Love."

Unlike so many girls, you did not fall for the "Wanna see my room?" bit that equaled immediacy in intimacy. You genuinely wanted to see Lev's room, even if he did address you as, "Ahoy, sexy!" This guy is a hipster doofus if there ever was one! He will be your future next door Kramer someday, if you're not too careful.

Your trust-funded new roommates in a hip apartment "very... aware of itself" can afford to be artists, while you must find exhausted foundation to even get a decent shot at fulfilling your dancing and choreography dreams. I applaud you did not settle for a clerical job at the dance company, only to continue scraping the bottom in day job and creative dreams purgatory, while watching and helping others have and eat their cake. I liked though that you didn't end up running a ton of busy errands and devoured that bacon-egg bagel! You gotta live... and eat!

Benji is okay and all, but his idea of an incredible day is buying vintage sun glasses online, listening to choice tracks on overpriced noise-canceling headphones and "cracking the second act of a sample script for the third Gremlins." Okay, so I sometimes do stupid stuff too! But, this guy has way too much time to kill and tosses this stuff in your face while you are broke and busy. Even if he does find your age of 27 as way old, he's oddly likable. I Frances Ha-Ha'd when you said to him, "I wish we had cookies." I wish I had cookies too!

Frances Ha, I can't wait to spend time with you again!


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