Blood Simple ★★★½

It’s well shot and I thought McDormand did a really good job (as she usually does in Coen films) but I think this is pretty inferior to much of their later work. I have a weird relationship with Coen brothers movies because I usually love crime films but, of all their films I’ve seen, the crime genre is my least favourite area of their operations (even though I do really like Fargo which improves massively upon this movie). I think the brothers are really at their best creatively when they’re making statements through their use of more developed and likeable characters but this film just often felt like the characters didn’t have much for me to care about and they were there to progress the plot rather than for it to develop them. But as for the positives: it was slow in parts for me but never boring, great acting and directing, good use of dark lighting and cinematography and a (quite literally 😉) killer score/soundtrack that compliments the vengeful descent into chaos well. I thought it was decent but honestly wouldn’t choose to watch it over a lot of other Coen works. 6.5/10

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