Chicago ★★★★½

This was outstanding in pretty much every way. The atmosphere was palpable, the songs were all fun, the choreography couldn’t be better, the story was entertaining and put a dark twist on the usual musical formula and every actor did their utmost to deliver a great performance that fitted the tone. The editing in this is also some of the most impressive work in that department I’ve ever seen as the switches between the fictional stage ‘showbiz’ versions and the actual events perfectly compliment each other and balance the narrative with the right amount of craziness and (sort of) realism. The dark lighting that contrasts the beautiful glowing lights of the stage are also worth mentioning as they help to create such an awesome fluorescent visual style. Honestly I really did not expect to love this as much as I did and thought it was probably one of the lesser Best Picture winners but I was simply incorrect because this is an amazing movie and one of my new favourite musicals that sits in the top tier in terms of filmmaking. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one a fair few times in the future 😁.