Cry-Baby ★★★★

I don’t even care - this is a great musical! It’s got all the catchy tunes, unique set designs and campy quirks to be enjoyable from the start to finish of the short runtime. My favourite aspect of this film was definitely the tone, this really distinguished itself as having a unique feel from the very start and it never went away, I don’t know how to even describe what the tone is but it’s like if you took a coked up Wes Anderson and took away his symmetry then mixed it with a bit of Tim Burton along the way. It’s kinda disheartening to know that Depp didn’t do any of the singing for the leading role here but he still ramps up the quirky energy to the max and I couldn’t picture anyone else in the role of Cry Baby here (not saying he gives a phenomenal performance or anything but it’s very specific to him which is almost equally impressive). The little campus war between the Drapes and the Squares is just amusing to watch and the satire succeeds completely in my opinion. Willem Dafoe also pops up as a prison officer and spanks Johnny Depp which was pretty funny. Honestly I don’t think this is an incredible film on the surface but it’s so different and strangely cool so how can I knock something that succeeds at everything it’s trying to do? Bonus points for the fact it feels like such a classic and the opening was awesome with the “my baby... cry baby” song that was unbelievably catchy. It was such a fun time and made me sympathetic for Johnny and his court case going on at the moment because it’s safe to say, whether he’s guilty or not, he’s definitely seen better days (which was clearly 1990 as he featured in this and Edward Scissorshands in the same year which is no small achievement). 7.5/10 😢