Despicable Me 3 ★★★

I don’t know why I enjoyed this so much to be honest. There’s just something about the fast paced setups and set pieces and the sprinkles of over the top 80s nostalgia that make this fun to watch. I haven’t seen the first two films in ages and seem to remember them having much more focus on the relationship between Gru and his adopted daughters but this one just goes full meme. A rejected 80s kid star called Balbazar Brat is the villain and Gru has to team up with his twin brother Dru (who is legit just him with hair) to take him down and there’s dance fights and shit - I know this would probably be most people’s reasons for disliking it but I’m all for a bit of dumb humour. Honestly if this was bad because it was just terrible then I’d understand it a little more but I honestly think they ran out of ideas and just went for some very strange stuff that was way over the top to force a third film but I really enjoyed how dumb everything is in this film (because let’s be honest no matter how much people dislike this film no one can deny its pretty self aware and that excuses some of the faults more in my eyes). Steve Carrel is always fun as Gru too. Maybe I have a soft spot for this franchise because I saw the first two when I was a bit younger, maybe I just haven’t seen the first two in so long that this wasn’t as boring or crap as it would be if you watched them back to back or... maybe I just enjoyed it 😱. Definitely verges into guilty pleasure territory for me and the worst part is that I don’t even feel guilty 😎.