Dirty Grandpa ★★

As a huge fan of DeNiro and all of his classic roles this was awful. As a huge fan of good quality movies this was awful. But, as someone who can find enjoyment from a trashy comedy and didn’t expect much more going into a film entitled Dirty Grandpa, I didn’t have a bad time watching this at all. Sure there’s some terrible screen writing on display here in parts, the obnoxious overuse of hip hop and modern meme and slang culture to appeal to teens is cringey and the whole premise is just straight up stupid but let’s not judge the movie as if that’s not the point. As for the positives: DeNiro and Efron have some fun chemistry, some of the jokes are slightly amusing here and there, the film isn’t exactly boring because of how unbelievable it is and the tone plays into that well. I wouldn’t defend this movie for not being bad but it’s slightly less bad than it’s reputation prepared me for and it does probably fall closer to the circle of “so bad it’s good” rather than “unwatchable and dull”. DeNiro has a lot of good classic performances from Taxi Driver and Raging Bull to The Deer Hunter and The Godfather Part 2 but let’s not pretend like Dirty Grandpa isn’t his finest hour 😉.