Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★

This was very methodical in the way it builds up the storyline and tension from the first scene onwards and it proves that Kubrick had fantastic control of his pacing here as it all feels very deliberate. The score also did a really good job of adding suspense when it was used because (like the pacing) it slowly builds into an atmospheric climax most of the times it’s used. Some of the things from the ‘party’ in the middle act are absolutely nuts and are examples of really well directed controversial imagery. Apart from that everything is done well like you’d expect and this movie manages to successfully create a sense of paranoia that thoroughly puts you on board with the protagonist and alienates you just as much as it continues to draw you in. Stanley Kubrick made another great movie... who’d have thought it, huh? 😉 The last line is also the perfect ending to Kubrick’s filmography (as this was his last movie) - “fuck”. I’ll take the hint and never mingle in upper class circles Stanley 😉.

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