Minions ★★

I don’t hate this or anything, I’m just really impartial to it. I think it’s pretty forgettable and doesn’t have any purpose or impact aside from being a cash grab. It’s not boring or anything and the animation is good as well as some odd 60s references that were amusing but the whole plot just felt like such corporate made garbage. The main problem with this is the lack of heart that stems from Gru not being in it much and the adventure the minions go on feels generic and, again, forgettable. This is the type of movie you could literally not even watch and then tell people you’ve seen and they wouldn’t even know that you hadn’t seen it - exactly what you’d expect is what you get. I’m not saying it isn’t a harmless way to pass the afternoon but when compared to some of Pixar and even Dreamworks films it really does highlight the abundance of objective issues with Minions.