Muppets from Space ★★

This is the worst muppet movie I’ve watched, I thought I’d put it on when I was feeling tired and have a great time but it was mostly boring, lacked any original musical moments and, worst of all, lacked the heart and comradeship between the characters that make the other movies so great. There is a cute message about acceptance at the heart of the narrative that’s hard to go against and the odd gag is amusing but it’s mostly pretty cringey, dull and overly 90s I have to say (and not in the good way). It almost picked up in the last act but when I compare this to the other muppet movies I’ve seen this falls so flat in comparison and therefore it’s no doubt that this killed off the franchise for over a decade. I don’t even mind Gonzo but I don’t think he should be a protagonist or central focus of a movie and, if he was, it could definitely be a little more authentic and less forced than this. Mediocre and disappointing.

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