Seven Psychopaths ★★★★

I’ve now watched Martin McDonagh’s 3 feature length films and, after very much enjoying all of them, I’m convinced he’s the next big thing in the film industry. The guy really has this smart way with his creativity in which he manages to blend objectively good filmmaking merit with pure chaotic and energetic fun which makes his films feel very different and likeable in a time where we mostly get films that either try to be objective masterpieces or trashy fun yet McDonagh seems to know the perfect middle ground. The writing in this film is really good and takes an “art imitates life” plot line and cranks it up to feel like pure (ironically realistic for the most part) madness. Of course this couldn’t be achieved without the great performances from Farrell, Rockwell, Harrelson, Walken and everyone else involved who sell the atmosphere perfectly. The cinematography and lighting is often great too and McDonagh’s dark humour has to be praised again because, whereas it isn’t as present as his film In Bruges, it’s still really well executed and amusing when used here too. I don’t have much more to add really aside from reiterating that this is a great film that’s enjoyable to watch and that I think it was put together by someone who, if they keep going in this fantastic direction they’re heading, has all the factors to become known as a modern auteur filmmaker.