The Blues Brothers ★★★½

At the same time as I enjoyed this I also sadly found it slightly overrated. I think the direction was great, the musical elements worked really well for me, the cameos were fun and the acting was fine but it never seemed to effect me much at all emotionally - and, yes, that means I didn’t find it that funny apart from the odd moment or two, I guess it just wasn’t really my sense of humour. I’m not knocking this movie though - some parts of it were actually very strong and had a feel good vibe to them but it seemed to me that there could be odd bits and pieces that could’ve been trimmed to make the runtime feel a little more concise. I definitely like The Blues Brothers but I just wish I’d loved it a little more than I did but I’m not gonna pretend like I didn’t really enjoy some moments here and seeing the situation get more and more insane, I just would’ve liked a bit more from the characters and a bit less from the runtime and I would’ve been sorted. I think I’m probably being slightly over critical because people tend to give this gleaming reviews that claim it’s a comedic masterpiece and, whereas I see why people could really love it, it was more of a series of short blasts of entertainment rather than anything consistently side splittingly funny for me.