The Bourne Identity ★★★

This was a solid action/spy film. I’m gonna be honest and admit I was pretty tired during the first act and thought it was a little sluggish but then around halfway through this film it all just clicked into place for me (I think I really just saw the direction it was going and managed to get into it). Don’t get me wrong there is some slower moments here and there and I’m not gonna pretend like I followed every spy twist and turn of the plot (as I said I’m tired 😂) but this operated on a very slick level and had some great action sequences within it too. Matt Damon was good in the leading role and his relationship that forms throughout the film provides just enough emotional grounding for you to actually kinda give a shit by the end. While this isn’t the “5 star action film masterpiece” some people make it out to be and does have some scenes that feel a little too prolonged, it is still a nice film for sure and by the end I was satisfied with my experience - I just hope the rest keep up that level of quality 😁. 6.5/10