The Dark Crystal ★★★½

This has been on my watchlist for absolutely ages and, after recently starting Stranger Things for the first time (call me Patrick Star because apparently I live under a rock) and seeing a poster for it on the kid’s wall, I thought I’d finally get round to checking this out. I heard a lot of bad things about the plot and characters before going in and I’ll admit the characters aren’t exactly memorable or well written but I think the good vs evil theme at the heart of the story gets you to root for the hero regardless. The spectacle of the movie is nothing short of amazing and, aside from the odd moment, it looks absolutely incredible and the production design and puppetry is magnificent. On top of that I think the score and the (unexpectedly) sweeping cinematography helped all of the story elements come together well to make an enjoyable adventure movie that actually feels like it’s up there with some of the essential 80s family films. It makes me curious about the Netflix series but I don’t know if it makes me curious enough to actually go and watch it... but either way I still really liked this a lot more than I anticipated. 7.5/10