The Fighter ★★★½

This, as a fairly predictable and generic telling of a real life boxing story, shouldn’t be as good as it is to be honest. So why is it? It’s a mixture of great writing and acting work for me that really gave this movie any sort of depth - Whalberg, Adams & Bale are all pretty amazing in this film but Bale is the standout as, like always, he seems to lose himself in the character and become virtually unrecognisable as himself on screen. My only issues with the film are how generic the boxing elements are (but that’s remedied no end by the character struggles and can’t really be helped as it’s a true story) & how dull the cinematography and colour palette were for 85% of the time - some of the boxing scenes and montages had some good editing work that enhanced the look momentarily but the gritty aesthetic wasn’t always very appealing to look at and, if that’s what they were going for, I’m still not gonna give it a pass because it remains offputting. Aside from that, I think O. Russell did an overall great job with the family turmoil and dynamics, getting his actors to excel, as well as with this movie as a whole and between this and Silver Linings Playbook he’s going 2 for 2 in terms of the ratio of films of his that I’ve watched and liked. 7.5/10