Tully ★★★★

What a lovely way to explore the theme of clinging to youth and managing to retain it as you go through life. Also how can a film be so sweet and so cynical simultaneously? I didn’t like one plot point in this film (as I felt it completely copied another very famous film but I won’t spoil anything) but aside from that everything in the narrative flowed well for me and felt realistically written - I liked it even more because it had a Baumbach type of tone. The editing (mainly montage) and musical choices that were used multiple times to advance the time frame of the film were done very well and didn’t seem shoehorned in like they very often can feel like. Most of the cinematography was good and there were a few moments where it was very impressive and Reitman’s direction was continually engaging throughout. Theron managed to give a fully authentic and believable performance that was fantastic, Davis was extremely charismatic and proved she’s a talented newcomer and I actually liked Livingston in his supporting role too and thought he brought the necessary emotions whenever he was utilised. I guess you can class this as “one of those films about normal people’s lives” and, while unspecific and half jokey as that phrase is, I’m beginning to think that’s definitely up there with my favourite genres because filmmakers manage to consistently find a lot of beauty and meaning in the mundane.