Zack Snyder's Justice League ★½

I watched the original in cinema and barely remember it aside from feeling it was god awful - I honestly don’t feel too differently about this. Absolute over indulgence in musical use comes to mind first, Wonder Woman can’t even enter into a scene without some tribal “AHHHHHHHHH” playing in the background. Is this movie an hour and a half or 4? Well the answer would be the former of the two if not for Snyder’s slow motion scenes! The dialogue is cringey, the characters still felt underdeveloped to me personally & a lot of the CGI was decent at best. Apart from the weird gimmicky shit they used to sell the premise on I don’t think I’ll even remember this which is a shame considering so many people have enjoyed it, guess I just don’t wanna see Leto talk about giving Affleck a reach around 😂.

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