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  • A Vigilante

    A Vigilante


    she was a vigilante

  • The Silencing

    The Silencing


    there were parts i liked and parts that were cringe af. the most bothersome about this movie is the killers motive for killing all these teenage girls.. LMAO. so fucking bad. that’s what really drove the 2.5 rating. but a fun movie overall

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  • Survive



    i don’t usually write long reviews but this one needed to be done.
    i have never seen a film or mini-series have this accurate of a depiction of mental illness and suicidal thoughts. that alone is why survive needs to be on a lot of peoples radar. i saw some negative articles surrounding this show.. when i read them the subject wasn’t so much on the show, but with quibi. do i think this show was perfect for the quibi…

  • Hex