A History of Violence ★★★★

David Cronenberg's survival of the fittest, Darwinian story based on the graphic novel of the same name stars Aragorn from Lord of the Rings as Viggo Mortensen or as the film calls him, Tom Stall. Kind family man just like Viggo in real life and owner of some sort of coffee shop. But trouble arises when he kills two small time criminals in self-defense and his face is planted all over media news, giving him unwanted attention from his past. Or is it really from HIS past as there are questions of mistaken identity as Tom denies being or knowing the person the people who ask for is.

As a seemingly normal man, it is bizarre that he and his son dive straight into the world of violence as if the natural state of humans. Maybe this is what Cronenberg's intention but from what I can decipher, this at first seemingly straight forward character driven story is more complicated and far more dangerous than meets the eye.

Viggo Mortensen performance as himself to begin and then a modern-day Aragorn prove perhaps it is harsh to only know of him as Aragorn because he is certainly much more than that. A History of Violence is an exciting and subversive thriller that is full with a whole host of talent.