Gravity ★★★★★

Although technically I'm watching this early (here in the UK anyway) it feels like I'm late to the party because motherfuckers elsewhere have already had it released wherever they may be, i'm pretty sure mostly the US but I cannot be bothered to check to see whether it may have been released anywhere else.

The wait was certainly worth it, because Gravity was out of this world! (Sorry I couldn't help it!) and easily the most immersive experience I have had in a long time (in the cinema at least). The 3D was very impressive and the effects more so. The performances from Bullock and Clooney were good enough. Admittedly the story was never likely to be ground breaking (since there isn't any ground in space, ha-de-haha) but as mentioned, the effects were amazing and completely proves to be ground breaking.

The overall experience of Gravity was just simply immense, an incredible film and just genuinely breathtaking.

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