Jaws ★★★★★

Girlfriend made me watch Jaws again, because she hadn't seen it since she was much younger. She really, really enjoyed it, and gasped and shouted at the right moments, me despite having seen it only recently doing the same.

Maybe because I was paying full, 100% attention for the first time, or maybe I finally felt myself attached to the film; but I laughed more than I remember doing so the last time, and I connected to the characters more; particularly Robert Shaw with his monologue on the lower deck of the boat.

I loved the soundtrack, as I always have, and I'm still happy to see that the shark isn't seen as much as most probably would have shown it; Steven Spielberg may not be considered artistic, and his reputation has suffered because he created a bunch of lowly blockbusters (oh the horror) but he's proven time and time again to consistently (mostly) create entertaining films. Okay obviously I don't enjoy them all, and admittedly I've called him overrated before (a younger more naive version of myself) but there are a few excellent films, Jaws near the top of the bunch; perhaps the very top of the bunch.

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