The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Film #3 of Hoop-tober 2

Scariness level: 5/10

Weirder, but still shocking in its own right. Like in the first one, what made it shocking to me was the casualness in which everything happened, especially with Leatherface running at people at full pelt wailing his chainsaw in the air - one scene in this does what the first did, early on, equally as effective as that film, and I figure you'll probably know what it is.

Outside of that, the film is lighter in tone, but still features all that grizzly skin business, and is a bit more contagiously maniacal. Everyone is a bit crazy in this. Lots of shouting, screaming, woo-ing, and I suppose it puts this film in a league of its own - very far away from the first, less sheerly frightening but no less disturbing, and enjoyable I suppose.

Leatherface has a chainsaw dick in this, his pappi says coonshit a lot, and has hems, aka those pesky haemorrhoids, and the other dude, the brother of ol' Leatherface, is an agile little shit with a metal skull, he's the scariest in this one weirdly enough, because Leatherface is only trying to get some poon. Although 9/10 dudes trying to get poon is going to be scary too. Okay. I suppose he was scary. He's very scary the more I think about it. This could turn into one of those American Psycho sexual-torture scenes; such as: the tubed rat scene for example.

The thrusting was hilarious though, and the log-sawing scene may be one of the most surreal, ridiculous, overtly bonkers and funny scenes I've seen in recent memory: the shop dude only adds to it.

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