Thirst ★★★★★

Inspired by Steve Grzesiak to defend Park Chan-wook's Thirst I felt the need to re-watch the film; but after this viewing, although my opinions haven't changed - I don't feel the need to defend it.

As Iron Maiden say (or sing, or chant) "Everybody has a different way to view the world" and I'm glad this is the case - as anyone who loves film will know - what is the point of having an opinion if we all have the same one? And now I think to myself, why am I even stating this when it is all too obvious?

Well first thing is first, it is rare to be able to persuade someone's opinion and nor do I feel like I want to, my other review of this film sums up (sort of) why I like it, so I don't need to reiterate that - and what Steve says regarding this film is all true.

Onto a different, particular issue I have had recently. I have disliked films before and tried to explain why - but many people have told me along the lines of "You just don't get it" and by explaining why I'm wrong and why they're right my opinion must of course change. This rarely is the case, and in fairness it only strengthens my opinions. I'm not saying people shouldn't disagree with me, and in fact welcome it when that happens. Actually in fact, I love hearing how other people view a particular film I may love or hate and why their opinions may differ from mine - of course, knowing other people share the exact same opinion as me at times is reassuring in a way (Just to make sure I'm not completely and utterly mad obviously).

Onto the viewing - I still love Thirst maybe because I love Park Chan-wook. it may be bias - and I'm able to ignore some of flaws that (do) exist. I've probably always thought this, but as a director - Park Chan-wook is aesthetically among the most impressive working today, and with Song Kang-ho make films that pulsate charisma. Deep and devilish dark humour is entwined into pretty much all of his films, yet his handling of it does at times, further invigorate the already established tone.

"You said I was cute, you cunt!" - a line, that probably shouldn't be funny, maybe isn't intended as funny - but for someone like me, absolutely hilarious. Why? Because it came out of nowhere - and for the character being a priest - works, as a representative of his changing character whose self-awareness as an all-giving self-sacrificial man of anything but amour propre, which to me is a huge part of this film.

Basing your entire existence of yourself on what others think - it links to the ending, and the scene just before the ending: SPOILERS* - the scene in which Sang-hyeon (Kang-ho) rapes the girl in order to deface other peoples opinions of him - because of course, he has sinned.

Thirst may just be a work of aesthetic and structural experimentalism from Park Chan-wook but a film I still consider in its own right - a wonderful, absolutely wonderful (dare I say) masterpiece.

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