Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Didn't like the first half that much. It was way too self-referential and pandering in that "hey, remember that thing about Han Solo from those old movies? Here he is doing it again, but when he was younger!" Also, the origin of his name is the dumbest fucking thing and we super didn't need that. Also, L3-37 is an incredibly dumb name for a robot.

The pandering and callbacks don't really stop at all in the second half (Kessel Run! Han Shoots First! Millenium Falcon! Warwick Davis! Teras Kasi?!), but I think the movie just gets better overall. That said, the funniest fucking callback is definitely there, and it's the extremely unnecessary Darth Maul reveal. It's dumb enough when he pulls the hood back and it's like "here's the only part any of you idiots liked about Phantom Menace!", but the part that killed me was when he pulls out his goddamn lightsaber in case you didn't remember that he had it. He's on a fucking FaceTime call and he feels the need to whip out his dual-bladed lightsaber for a cheap pop from the dorks in the audience that remember being excited when they saw that in a trailer twenty years ago.

But yeah, it's dumb the whole time and the first half isn't great, but the second half is fun and Woody Harrelson is in a lot of it.