Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story ★★★★★

Pure madness. Non-stop hilarity. I almost suffocated from laughing. We don’t deserve Weird Al, who gives his best performance since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Radcliffe deserves the Oscar he would’ve gotten if this were a real biopic. 

Listen, this probably isn’t a five star movie, but it was a five star experience. Al himself introduced the movie, the crowd was stellar, and by the end we were all in a frenzy. The jokes literally go until the end of the credits. Maybe it is a five star movie. Doesn’t matter. I love you. 

This probably doesn’t work as well at home, but fuck you, buddy. Five stars. Fucking polka party, bitch. Don’t tell Dad (Toby Huss). 

Radcliffe goes as hard as Austin Butler did for Elvis and Taron Egerton (who should have gotten the Oscar) did for Rocketman. Also, Radcliffe has 17-pack abs and cum-gutters.

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