The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★½

...and so we begin another long journey...
I hope Jackson didn't feel as trapped doing this as I felt watching it. His original Lord Of The Rings trilogy was a true work of art, both in execution and scope. This immediately feels like they went to the well too many times right from the get-go. It feels too familiar to what we have seen before, yet it feels so completely low stakes.
Knowing that this is going to take three films makes this feel exhausting primarily because it makes no sense. This needed to be a one and done with too many scenes dragging on. If this is what I am in for I have every right to be weary.
You can't fault Jackson for his attempt. It certainly looks beautiful and I can appreciate his love for the material, but this would have been much better served by having another director give his own take on this tale as originally planned. As it is it is only a footnote.

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