West Side Story ★★★★★

I have seen this film countless times and I am always amazed at what a staggering achievement. For my money this is the best stage to screen adaptation.
There is not much for add to the discussion except praise, but I do want to make note of some things that came to the front for me on this viewing. Firstly, Wise's use of transitions between scenes are showy yet effective. They work so well as they only happen when Tony or Maria, living in their own bubble of love, are on screen.
Secondly, I really appreciated this time how the film opened up the stage to give us a broader canvas, yet it retained the unreality of actually seeing something on stage.
Finally, the way the tension builds as fate closes in on our heroes. This is truly a film where I feel the approaching inevitability of what's to come, yet still in my heart I wish that it wouldn't be so. Within the confines of his film, Wise and Robbins give us fully fleshed out characters with motivations we can understand and feel.
Heartbreaking, sublime, thrilling and, oh man that score...

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