The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

"pretty as a picture."

so good.

the technicality of this film, the slow tracking shots, the clear Bergman influences done in their own unique way. it's insane how these alone make this film already so great. but of course, it's a robert eggers film, so there's MUCH more that adds to the greatness.

ROBERT PATTINSON AND WILLEM DAFOE. incredible performances. the way they morphed into their roles and i could hardly recognize them because of how different these roles were for them in the first place...craziness.

the recurring motifs in the soundtrack, and how the soundtrack blends perfectly into the sound design of the film in general...spectacular.

with how accurate the dialogue has been written in the two films from his filmography, are we sure robert eggers isn't a time traveler from the past?

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